nothing to fear except fear itself…..

You know, when you up sticks and move to a new country everything is new. Everything is different. Your senses are heightened – things seem bigger, faster and more in your face than before. The language that people are speaking may be the same but for a few weeks you feel like you’ve landed on a totally different planet.

It takes a while for things to become familiar, it happens gradually but it does happen. Sooner or later you realise that you know where you are going when you’re driving, you don’t need to refer to the map on your phone to pinpoint exactly where you are in this great new land you’ve chosen. You start to feel settled and part of the new community you’ve joined. You’re no longer the stranger on the side lines but becoming a part of the furniture now.

When you have kids and you have important things you need to do with them its really easy to get caught up in the feeling that you’ll get it wrong somehow. You know, everything from choosing where you live, to their new school to the activities they get involved with.

Anyway, I digress, today my eldest has been for his first cardiac check up with the paediatric specialist in our new country. His surgery as a baby and all his follow up was done in England and I guess that because of that I felt safe in the hands of the team that had looked after him through his life so far. This appointment has been looming and playing on my mind since it was made 10 months ago. I really needn’t have worried though, the outcome could not have been better. The cardiologist was brilliant and within seconds of talking to him, I felt confident that we were going to be looked after just as well here.

Its all too easy to build things up in your mind to be worse than they are. Today I want to share with you my reiterated feeling that there really is nothing to fear except fear itself. Look for the positives, be firm in your decisions and above all don’t waste your time worrying about things you can’t control. Another saying I’ve picked up since moving is “don’t sweat the small things”. Today I have to agree.

mummi h

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