i gave a letter to the postman…..


I remember a day I was sooooooo sad and lonely.

The sun was shining, I was sitting dipping my toes in the pool and everything should have felt like bliss!

But it didn’t!!

Homesickness had kicked me right where it hurts!

 …….in my heart.

Desperately I took myself off to the cool climate of the local library, a place full of strangers.

I felt more sad and alone than ever and the tears were now streaming down my face!

So many tears I couldn’t even see pictures on the pages of the book I had chosen let alone read the words!

So I started to doodle….this lead me to start writing……this lead me to start writing letters.
Letters to friends back ‘home’ telling them how much I missed them.

I thought how cross they would be with me for sitting here crying and feeling sorry for myself.

My tears started to dry up as I thought fondly of my friends and the good times we had shared.

For me that day was a turning point……

How my friends would have given anything to be sitting in the sun dipping their toes in a pool!

mummi g x

vintage typwriter courtesy of Archer & Archer at https://www.facebook.com/archerandarcher


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