blimey it’s a small world!

Ok, so it’s Halloween and the kids are desperate to go trick or treating. They’ve been dressed up in their costumes since finishing school at 3 and are anxiously waiting for their dad to come home from work.

 6.30pm and he finally rocks up, “no time for dinner” says I “we’re going now!”

“Ok” he says “but we’re driving”

Driving? – of course this is oz, it’s too far and too hot to walk anywhere!

So, buckled up and ready to go he says “I think we’ll just check up here” pointing about 100m up the road

 “I doubt there will be anything up there” I say but we try anyway

The house we pull up outside is brilliantly decorated – crime scene tape, mannequins, spooky noises and eerie smoke, they’re definitely in the spirit of things at this place.
The kids and I jump out of the car and creep up towards the front door past a howling werewolf and a gruesome looking figure (even I’m a little frightened!)
“Welcome” says a friendly voice and I immediately think to myself that her accent is familiar.
“Are you English?” I ask

 “Yes!” comes the reply and after some small talk she asks where I’ve moved from.

  “We’re from a place called Derby” I say “do you know it?”

 she throws her hands up and exclaims” I don’t believe it I used to live in Nottingham!”

 (For those not familiar with the geography it’s the next to my home town about 15 miles away)

How weird that the first one of my neighbours I meet in my street comes from the same part of the world as me!

We continue chatting and she mentions her name and that she runs the local neighbourhood watch scheme

 “That sounds familiar” I say, then it clicks, this is the person who runs the local community Facebook page and who I  have been talking to online for the past week!! I had no idea that she lived on the same road as me!

With a big laugh and a shriek we embrace!

A lady who not 5 minutes earlier I met as a complete stranger.

What a small world, you really never know who you are going to meet.

Get out there and see it xxx

mummi h


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