to buy or not to buy…..

…..that is the question!

Now please tell me the answer!!

As home owners in our native England we assumed we would emigrate to Australia and buy our own house again.

Well two years down the line we still haven’t bought one.

2 years ❤

We have been having too much fun exploring our new country that coupled with finding a great rental property with a great landlord has enabled us to feel quite settled here without the need to lay foundations.

But after two years in a rental the urge to rip the kitchen out and knock down walls is proving very difficult to control.

We are missing the freedom to do what we want and when we want to our humble abode.

So should we be looking to buy our own home now?

In answer to that….I don’t know!! I am going around in circles

Heart says yes

Head says no

Head says yes

Heart says no

Anyway, last weekend was cold, wet and miserable so we set off ‘sticky beaking’ at property for sale.

We only managed one property viewing as they were few and far between and most were in the price bracket we could only ever dream of entering.

The house we viewed was a low set (bungalow) three bedrooms, two bathrooms, water tanks, solar power, salt water pool with

spa and DLUG, D L U G wot the???…….a double lock up garage of course!

On paper it looks awesome, looking at it in the flesh……let’s just say it has potential!

We could just about scrape together enough monies for a deposit.

The nice lady at the bank said we can get the mortgage.

Youngest kid loves it and hasn’t even seen it. but this is probably due to the fact that every kid in the neighborhood has a least one Nerf gun!!

Eldest kid would love it too as he’s so laid back he would live in a paper bag in the middle of the road!

So what’s stopping us?

Maybe it’s not the right property for us?

Maybe we don’t want the financial burden of another mortgage!

Maybe it requires too much work to get it to our liking!

Maybe it’s the Bali style beach hut bar next to the spa pool!!

Offers have to be in by the 17th November 2012

C’MON!!! What am I thinking?

Well at this present moment………..LET’S DO IT!

mummi g x


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