lovely day of nothingness….


It’s raining! How excited am I?!!

It’s 5am and the rain is hammering down on the tin roof of the covered decking area.

A comforting sound reminiscent of family caravan holidays to Skegness.

So it’s 5am and I’m thinking….dog walk….in the rain!  What a refreshing thought!

After months of sunshine our grass is parched and our water tanks are empty. We even had to top up the pool with tap water….desperate times!!!

Luckily hubby is awake and is also in need of refreshment and our youngest son is just waking up and will be thrilled at the thought of dog walking in the rain….not!

But what a great way to start the weekend.

A dog walk along a deserted beach, we’ll grab some takeaway cappuccinos on the way and come home to delicious bacon sandwiches and the beauty of all this we could be home by 7am and we still have a lovely day of nothingness ahead of us.

Fast forward….5.45am we’re up and raring to go

Dog collar and lead – check

Poo bags – check

Dog water bottle – check

Towels for wet dog – check


Can you believe it??? the dog is still snuggled up in bed, looking at me as if to say, “Do I really look like I want to go for a walk in the rain?!!”

I’ll put the kettle on then shall I?!

we did eventually make it to the beach!

rainy gold coast day

whoops! nearly trod on this beautiful jelly fish

look what the dog found…don’t worry I didn’t let her eat it!!

mummig x


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