being part of something big …..

This week here on the east coast of Australia we were lucky enough to witness the spectacular solar eclipse.

On the Gold Coast we experienced an 82% covering but further north the eclipse was total.

As it happened, the light outside changed to an eerie pinkish hue and although some birds were still singing they had noticeably quietened.

 I wasn’t organised enough to have eclipse glasses and totally forgot about making a pinhole camera (doh!) but I did manage to catch momentary glimpses of the reflection of the sun on the pool outside.

The tv was on and the broadcast live from Cairns, from the very beach where my hubby proposed many moons ago (slightly more people there for the eclipse than for that event!)

The build up was brilliant, the tv reporters were bursting with anticipation and excitement and it really felt like we were all part of something big, it was completely infectious!

The last total eclipse that I can remember was in 99 when I was working at a factory back in my home town in England. The feelings back then were exactly the same as we gathered in a crowd in the yard outside, gazing upwards wearing our eclipse glasses (boy, was I more prepared in those days!).

I never imagined that the next time I would experience this event I would be living in the most amazing part of the world with my lovely little family. It’s funny how life turns out. We really never know where it’s going to take us or we are going to end up.

There’s nothing  like a major celestial event to give you some perspective and I guess that the most important thing is that we are happy with who we are and what we’ve got.

The next total eclipse here in Oz will be in 2028 and who knows where any of us will be by then!

sums up my experience of the eclipse, no traditional bite size chunk out of the sun just beautiful colours and shards of light…

mummi h x


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