paper blankets…..

…..and paper knickers can only mean one thing! A stay in hospital!!

I have just experienced the hospital system in my new homeland for the very first time!

Some of my pre emigration fears had been, ‘what will happen if I become ill in our new home country?’ and ‘what if I have to go into hospital?’

My fears stemmed from wondering…….

What will the healthcare system be like there?

Will the care be up to ‘scratch’?

Who will look after the family?

and most importantly……Will I be able to afford my treatment?

You see, people had been quick to point out that you need private health insurance in Australia……”they don’t have a free National Healthcare System (NHS) like England does.” Unbeknown to me at the time this wasn’t entirely true!

Australia does have a healthcare system comparable with the UK’s NHS and it’s your choice if you feel the need or security of having a private healthcare plan to run along side it.

We have chosen not to have a private healthcare plan due to the fact that we can’t afford one! But luckily for us our permanent residency status entitles us to a Medicare Card, which in turn means we are able to use the public health system at little or no cost.

Between the four of us we have used our little green medicare card many times during our first two years in Australia. Both boys have had a trip in an ambulance to the local A&E department. We have all had various scans, blood tests and consultations and on all occasions have been seen quickly and efficiently and the cost has been mimimal……$200 for one of my scans for which I received a $100 medicare rebate!

And the ‘cherry on the top’ my gallbladder removal operation today….no charge! Actually it was yesterday!!! It’s now 2am I’m wide awake, a little bit achy and have an urge to blog! I’m happy to say my experience has been first class; caring, skilled staff in a state of the art hospital what more could a girl ask for?!!

Thankfully all of our family medical issues have been regular everyday ones, including unstoppable nose bleeds, concussion and torn muscles so I can’t really say how the Australian medicare system will fare if God forbid we have serious issues to contend with. I hope we never have to find out!! It will have to be a case of ‘crossing that bridge’ when we come to them!! So in the meantime I shall not be stressing my little head worrying about something that hopefully will never happen.

Instead, I shall stress my little head worrying about the thousands of dollars worth of dental treatment I need and that’s NOT covered by medicare……YIKES!!!

mummi g x

struggled to get them on…..can’t wait to get them off!


8 thoughts on “paper blankets…..

  1. We were spoilt with the NHS in the UK weren’t we? I am glad to hear your experience has been a good one, fortunately we haven’t needed any medical treatments since we have been in Canada but it is a concern, you can’t help but wonder if the system is ‘up to scratch’. Wishing you well and here’s hoping you can get those charming surgical stockings off soon, haha!

  2. You’re right Lou we were spoilt and I used to moan about the price of prescriptions which in comparison to here were an absolute bargain!!!
    lol I’m getting quite attached to the stockings!! and I will be using them again on my next long haul flight to the UK!! 😉

    • lol no they didn’t but the ‘paper blanket’ did!
      I’ve never seen one before! It was the same woven papery fabric as the knickers but a bit thicker – there were small ‘pockets’ all over it which contained little ‘packs’ that on contact with the air heated up!! The packs were supposed to stay warm for 8hrs but 24 hrs later they were still warm……a brilliant idea!

  3. Get well soon. Most members of our family have had dealings with the French medical system now and on the whole it’s been very good but I can share your anxiety about ‘foreign’ hospitals. Hope you were well fed – in France they seem to starve you which seems strange given the country’s fame for good food!

    • Thank you! I’m feeling quite well now 🙂
      The food wasn’t too bad but the breakfast was a bit unexciting…Weetabix and bread and jam!!…..not nice crusty chunky bread just a boring old slice!!

  4. Feel well quickly. Just found your page after getting a follow from you on Twitter. Australia…what an adventure!! I was involved with a Australian Festival here in Atlanta this last summer and met some absolutely amazing ppl. Quite a number of Aussies here in our area. After that festival I am quite addicted to Dark and Stormies and meat pies!
    Hold onto those stockings. They wash quite well. In my previous life, pre-kiddo, I worked in the operating room. Those stockings made the latter part of my pregnancy ssoo much better and I almost completely averted the dreaded “cankles”. As you said, great for long flights also!
    Send thoughts of well wishes and a speedy recovery!
    All the Best…..Lori

    • Thanks Lori!
      I’m quite partial to meat pies myself now and hopefully will be able to enjoy them more than I did pre op!
      You’re right those goooorjuss stockings have come up a treat in the washing machine 🙂
      Have a great weekend over in Atlanta!
      Cheers mummi g x

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