all i want for christmas is…..

…..not my two front teeth!

But apart from the usual good health, wealth and happiness I thought you might like to see a few suggestions!

I’m hoping that my boys may decide that they would actually like to read one of mum’s blogs….for a change!

So bear with me as I wallow in a bit of self-indulgence on the off-chance that they will!

And here follows a collection of lovely goodies that I wouldn’t mind finding in my Christmas stocking!

This is purely for fun and in noway am I being paid in any form to promote these items or sellers, it’s just me sharing a little bit of what I love!

All of the items are available from one of my favourite websites Not on the High Street

or from the ‘shops’ themselves via the highlighted links on their names.

Vintage Inspired Buy Buy Baby Wallet


Approx AU $41

Available at Kiki’s

This I love for many reasons!!

The vintage inspiration.

The stripey red bow.

The travel theme.

and the Buy Buy Baby tag because it reminds me of our farewell party!

Bye Bye Baby by…(cough)…The Bay City Rollers was the last song played on that happy sad night!

Wash Your Face Wash Bag

Approx AU $42

This also is available from Kiki’s

I have to smile at this!

“Wash your face”

I can often be heard calling this followed by

“Have you cleaned your teeth?”

My eldest boy is 18 years old and I still ask him this….all the time!!

And how cute is that string?!!

Infographic Print

Approx AU $69

by Betsy Benn

What an awesome gift for any family but especially for us migrant ones!

Fond memories of people and places captured on this infographic print.

I am having a lovely time cyber window shopping…but

I think it’s time for a coffee break!

Tote Bag

And you can never have too many of these they are too handy!

Approx AU $19

from Memo Illustration

What a great size bag and like the bag says

“Coffee is good for your brain!”

as is tea and wine of course! 😉

So for the tea drinkers amongst us!

Pure Wool Tea Cosy

How cute is this?!!

Approx AU $73

By My Baboo

I heart hearts stripes and spots!

And for the wine drinkers!


Approx AU $29

By Vintage Princess

Need I say more?!!

Except if you’re looking boys……

“on your marks…..get set…..GO!”

mummi g x

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