can it really be….

…our third Christmas in Australia?!! It doesn’t seem that long ago we were gearing up for our first Christmas here.

I’ll never forget it!!

It was a wet Christmas that year, a very wet Christmas. Endless days of wetness!

The days were dark and gloomy but at least the fairy lights were sparkly!

Not like this year! It’s too hot and sunny to even think about putting the fairy lights on!!

I can’t help but wonder if our first Christmas in Australia had been like this, hot and sunny, would I have felt so homesick?! Or was the homesickness triggered by the Facebook photographs of the first snowfalls back in England or was it that we had hit the four-month milestone, the holiday feeling was over, this was reality and we were here for the long haul!!

Whatever it was I forced myself to ‘get festive’ and began trawling the shops for gifts to send back ‘home’.  I wrapped them and packed them and proudly carted them off to the post office. “HOW MUCH?!!” was my cry heard halfway across the shopping mall and cry I nearly did! I didn’t see that coming!! The postage costs were more than the gifts themselves……..much more!

The whole Australian Christmas thing was feeling very alien! And on the rare days that the sun did shine leading up to Christmas I really felt like I was living on a different planet with sunshine and snow scenes confusing my senses!

Christmas day was a strange one! I imagined us down the beach chucking another shrimp on the barby but that wasn’t going to happen because it was raining….torrential rain!!! Instead I chose to cook a traditional Christmas dinner, turkey, stuffing and roast veggies and although it was chucking it down outside it was still warm and humid and on the inside the windows began to steam up. Condensation ran down them and I began reminiscing about steamy windows in England bought on by the cranked up central heating and brussel sprouts bubbling away to oblivion and suddenly it hit me….I felt christmassy!

merry brusselmas!

Merry Christmas!

mummi g x


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