I love Christmas lights!!!

There’s no bah humbug in my house, I love Christmas lights! I love fairy lights!

I especially love fireworks but it’s the wrong time of year for them (or is it? I had a bbq and fireworks party when I got married and that was in the spring!)

Anyway, here in Oz it’s clear that I’m not the only person who digs the whole Christmas lights thing. There are big competitions and the addresses of the entrants are published in the local press. You can book yourself onto a bus tour or take a limousine viewing trip around the suburbs taking in the sights while sipping champagne. Or if you are me you can bundle the family into the car and drive yourself around. On the Gold Coast there is a Facebook page where people can put addresses and pictures of their favourite houses which has been a great help in planning our routes each evening. Last year there was even an ice cream van parked outside the winning house and it was doing a roaring trade.

Where I’m from in England no one really put up many lights, there were the occasional houses that had gone really OTT, but they were few and far between although it did seem that each year more and more people were joining in.

I remember having Christmas in Cairns in 2003 and it was the first time I’d really experienced just how much effort people put into decorating their houses and quite how seriously they took it. I was really amazed as I stood outside that year’s winning property. The owners had set up camp on the opposite neighbours drive with a bbq and wine and were happily chatting away to all the folks who had come out to have a look. They had scaffolding on their roof and enormous letters attached that spelt out in bright lights “MERRY XMAS FROM BARRY AND RHONDA”! I was so impressed with this house that the following year I sent “Barry and Rhonda” a Christmas card from England!

So it has now become a lovely way to spend our evenings during that later part of December. As it gets dark we all jump in the car and go for a drive taking in the festive sights. The kids love it (perhaps I love it more though!).

Last night we pulled up outside a particularly impressive looking place with a sign asking is to tune our radio to 96.3fm. We duly did this and were greeted with festive music that matched the laser light show being projected onto the walls, roof and windows. This house was only 2nd in this year’s competition so tonight we are going to seek out the winner and I for one can’t wait!

Below are some pictures of my favourite Christmas lights that I’ve seen so far. Here at mummigrants we’d love to see any pictures you may have of fantastic lights near you. Please send your pictures to mummigrants@gmail.com stating where in the world they are. We’ll publish the best ones to our tinsel tales section of the site.

I have a feeling most of the displays are solar powered, as much as I love them I wouldn’t want to be receiving the power bill come January!!

mummi h xx

This is last years winner!

One of the more typical houses, I'll be aiming for something like this next year!

One of the more typical houses, I’ll be aiming for something like this next year!

One of the runners up - good effort!

One of the runners up – good effort!


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