what am I looking forward to this holiday season….

the Christmas blitz of course!!

A favourite Christmas tradition in our house is the ‘Christmas blitz!’

This is carried out as close to Christmas Eve as possible on a day when we are all at home together.

It is carried out with military precision to the tune of Johnny Mathis’

We Need a Little Christmas!

We work together as swift as swooping swallows and with thoughts of the impending sugar dusted hot mince pies and whipped cream, we commence our Christmas blitz!

I ‘do’ the bathrooms, Mr mummi g ‘does’ the kitchen, little son ‘tidies’ (I use that term loosely!) and big son vacuums! Between us we wipe away dust and put freshly laundered bedding on the beds (by freshly laundered I mean bedding that has been taken off as soon as we are up that morning, it’s washed, dried and put back on because we are a little short on spares!!)

It’s a great feeling when we are finished! For me in particular I feel Christmas has arrived and I don’t have to think about housework for at least a week! Infact if any kids are reading this, I know of a few mummigrants that would really enjoy this kind of event. It doesn’t cost much, just a box of mince pies, cream and maybe a bottle of bubbles; she doesn’t have to get ‘dressed up’ and there’s no argument about who’s going to drive! What more could a girl want?!

This year we will be Christmas blitzing on Sunday 23rd December


Merry Christmas

mummi g x


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