It was nice, different, but nice …..

Well then, that’s Christmas day done. Tick. It was nice, different, but nice.

This is our second Christmas in Australia and already I feel that some new traditions are starting to be formed. I think we’ve probably totally baffled the kids as to what Santa actually brings to children though.When I was a kid we put out a stocking on our beds on Christmas Eve and in the morning it would be full of little treats delivered by Santa (well actually more specifically, Father Christmas). All the pressies under the tree were from family and friends.

When hubby was younger it seems that Santa delivered ALL the presents under the tree.

My middle one was slightly confused by this, especially as last year the majority of the pressies under the tree were from Santa and this year they were from us and the rellies.

The kids left their stockings on their door handles and woke to find them stuffed full with a variety of gifts (note to self – I must write to Santa to suggest chocolate in a hot climate is possibly not the best idea!)

I explained that last year Santa treated them extra well, hence the pressies under the tree,  as we’d just moved. As I’ve said before, twelve months ago we were lucky to take delivery of our belongings just before the big day! I think i was still in shock last year after the big move and not thinking clearly so anything went!!

Anyway I think we’ve settled on the stocking idea from my childhood from now on!

Yesterday lunch itself was turkey, roast potatoes and parsnips, Yorkshire puddings ( yay I found frozen ones in Aldi!) heaps of veg and tasty thick gravy. Is this the best tradition in such a hot climate or should we be more Aussie and go for the BBQ option or cold meat salad and prawns next year? I don’t think I could do without a proper Christmas dinner so the jury is out on that one at the moment!

A new tradition I’m loving is a big family swim just before we eat lunch, (at least while we’ve got a pool) certainly not something we would have been doing in England! I think we’ll be adding a trip to the beach as well next time.

All the other little things I’m sure will be familiar next year and then become true family traditions after that. It’s certainly nice to be experiencing new things and the kids are happy to go with the flow.

The newest tradition that I’m definitely going to keep is to FaceTime with my family as we open our presents and again later when they open theirs. Even though we are so far away that for me was the best bit about my Christmas day. I had moments of homesickness early on, which is of course to be expected, but that face to face contact was brilliant.

Suddenly my family were all in the room with me and all those thousands of miles disappeared, even if just for a short time.

Isn’t it amazing how we build up for weeks to Christmas Day and it goes by in the blink of an eye.

Hope that your day went well wherever you are, especially if its your first Christmas as a mummigrant!

best wishes

mummi h x

Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia

The best bit of Christmas lunch for me was the yorkshire puddings!!

The best bit of Christmas lunch for me was the Yorkshire puddings!!


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