Maybe a little over cautious?

 I am a  fair-skinned European that is prone to burning, before returning to a whiter shade of pale, after a few minutes in the sun!

When we moved to Australia in 2010 the sun was my biggest fear. The fierce sun shines for over 70% of the year in Queensland and for my own protection I knew I had to slip on a shirt, slap on sunscreen and slop on a hat, but I surprised myself at the lengths I went to protect myself. Every morning I slipped on a shirt of enormous magnitude, slopped on the sunscreen everywhere and slapped on the biggest brimmed hat ever and that was only to hang out the washing and the washing line was under cover! But at least I was prepared for the school run and all eventualities.

As the weeks passed though I became slack and slipped on any old shirt, slopped the sunscreen only on my face and ditched the hat altogether! I was growing accustomed to the heat and with it my fear of the sunshine eased.

Until the day I dropped my young son off at school and my car broke down and along with it so did I! Horror of horrors a teeny T-shirt, minimal suncream and no hat! With no mobile phone and no one I could have called anyway my only option was to abandon the car and walk the 3km home in the blazing morning sunshine.

My saving grace was a road atlas that I used to shield my face from the sun. I couldn’t believe I had been so lax and so stupid to ease up on my morning routine!

On the verge of tears I began to walk home dodging the sunshine by hopping in and out of the shadows of the sparse trees. Then my luck changed! One of the mums from school spotted me. What a blessing! She picked me up and took me home. I barely knew Chez but she rescued me that day and became my first Australian friend!

I learnt a couple things that day……friends can appear from nowhere and always be prepared for every eventuality even on the shortest journey.

And prepared I am. I now have breakdown cover, a mobile phone and always carry water, a hat and sunscreen in the car. Maybe a little over cautious?….maybe.


Stay safe in the sun!

mummi g x

footnote: apparently my sun safety mantra is now outdated I now should be

slipping, slopping, slapping, seeking and sliding!!!!!!!! aarrgghhhhh!


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