Today I woke up with an urge….

STEADY NOW… urge to spring clean the kitchen!

Whoa! But wait a minute I hate cleaning! Don’t get me wrong I’m not dirty and neither is my house thank you very much! But cleaning gets me down; it’s not creative enough to keep me interested.

However, today was different and while I struggled to clean off the brown stuff baked on to the oven door glass I began dreaming of the heady early days of our new life in Australia.

When we first arrived in Australia I was very excited about the free electric barbecues available in all the public parks. My excitement soon wore off though when I saw the state that some of these barbecues are left in…..disgusting brown fat baked on and left to bake again in the heat of the sun….much like my oven door! And when we did find a clean one I felt guilty if I couldn’t leave it as clean as I had found it! So I invented my own concoction of a cleaning substance. It consisted of dish washing up liquid and cream cleaner…..i.e. Cif, Ajax or Astonish.

It is so simple and so effective.
Simply squeeze some cream cleaner into a washing up liquid; use the washing up liquid bottle for this.

Try a 50/50 mix give it a good shake and that’s it!

I used this today on my oven door glass and believe me that door was bad! I squeezed the concoction onto the glass, swished it about with a scourer sponge. Gave it a good scrub with the scourer and rinsed off. The bits that were really difficult to remove I gently scraped off with a Stanley knife blade and the I wiped away any residue with a damp cloth and buffed up with a dry cloth.

I was on a roll today……I used it on the sink, my baking tins and my tired looking retro Dualit toaster! That toaster now has a second lease of life it looks brand new and even my other half commented on its good looks… what if the heating elements no longer work it still looks pretty damn good just sitting there on my work top!

mummi g x


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