not always a bed of roses…..

At mummigrants we are always looking for fellow expat mums to share with us their stories and experiences (good and bad) about making the big move away from “home” and starting again somewhere new.

Today we have a guest post from fellow mummigrant Katy who has moved from Scotland to Queensland in Australia.

I emigrated to Australia just over two years ago with my partner and our two year old son. In Scotland he ran his own successful business in the service industry and selling this and our house financed the move over. It hasn’t however been the bed of roses that some might imagine. We assumed that it would be simple to just set up and start again in the same industry as before. Not the case unfortunately. You wouldn’t believe the amount of hoops we have had to jump through just to get a licence for my partner to carry out the work he has always done. The time and cost involved in getting recognition of prior learning (RPL) and the TAFE course so that he has the “certificate” that states he is “competent” to run a business is ridiculous. Now that he has it there is also a cost of maintaining the licence too!

It doesn’t seem to matter that this is what he has always done and that in running a successful business (he must have been doing something right) he has been able to provide us with a decent steady income over the years! Some might say it was a pretty good way of the government here making some extra money?!

Anyway, here we are, finally licensed with some good clients on the books and a business that is starting to grow. It has taken what seems like forever and it certainly hasn’t been a bed of roses getting to this point. I have had many doubts since we left and have often wondered if it was worth the upset and upheaval in the first place. I think that its been worth the stress and heartache along the way although on my homesick days I’m still not so sure.

For me the dream of a new life down under is finally coming to fruition but its been difficult and even a nightmare at times!!

I wonder how many mums who have moved abroad have shared the same experience as me??

Thankyou Katy for your story.

Maybe you or someone you know has something to share about a mummigrant experience? If so we would love to hear from you, please contact us at


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