snow versus sand

Much like mummi g last week, this morning I woke up this morning feeling terribly homesick.

One definite culprit was the awesome snowy scenes plastered all over my Facebook feed this morning by my friends back home.

The other was the invitation to my big sisters 40th party. I know for a fact that unless we have a big win on the lotto in the next few weeks it’s going to be yet another milestone and family event that I’m not going to be part of.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself and not wanting to spend the day moping about hubby and I decided on a trip “up north”. We packed the swimmers and some lunch and jumped in the car and drove two hours to Noosa, one of the most beautiful parts of Southeast Queensland I’ve yet been to. The kids and their Dad swam in the sheltered calm waters of the bay and I sat relaxing in 32 degree heat on the beach. It was great to take a bit of time out to think and remember why I’ve gone through all this and moved away from my friends and family.

I still miss home like crazy and am hoping that these bouts of homesickness get less severe as time goes on. Having said that at least as I sit here writing this I feel about a hundred times better than I did this morning. (thank goodness!)

Of the pictures below one was taken by my best friend in England a couple of days ago and one by me today.

Snow versus sand – the jury is still out!!

For those in the snow, have fun building your snowmen!!

my best friend's picture of the woods at home

my best friend’s picture of the woods at home

Noosa beach today

Noosa beach today

 mummy h x


15 thoughts on “snow versus sand

  1. Snow versus sand mmm let me see? Could be a difficult one, but I know where I’d rather be…lovely to read your piece and compare the vast differences in climate x

  2. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where we have beach weather in the summer and snow in the winter and although I enjoy the snow there’s nothing on earth like spending the day on the beach in the sun.
    Sorry to hear you girls are having tough week, funny how it can creep up on you like that. I’m sure a few more beach days and you’ll be right as rain!

    • Thanks Lou, you’re right this homesickness thing gets you when you least expect it! The one thing I really miss is the changing seasons, here it’s pretty much warm, hot or hotter! Have you still got heaps of snow there to play in?!

      • no, believe it or not it is now too cold to snow! the windchill has been in the -20’s all week. We may get more snow tomorrow when it ‘warms up to a balmy -8! Enjoy the sun, I’m not jealous at all, honest 😛

      • After the sun now comes the rain here, up to 300mm forecast over the next day or so! Another soggy Australia Day on the cards for tomorrow, oh well! ☔

  3. Snow, snowmen
    Sand, sandcastles
    Snow, cold followed by hot chocs
    Sand, hot followed by refreshing shower
    Snow, dragging sledges uphill after downward plunge
    Sand, running back to the beach after battling waves
    Snow, sheer beauty of snow-laden creaking flora & fauna
    Sand, breath-taking, ever-shifting force of water
    Snow, snowball fights
    Sand, splashing in the sea!
    Snow, snow angels
    Sand, no, this one’s unique
    Snow, slipping & sliding
    Sand, squooshing tideline sand between the toes
    Snow, the smell
    Sand, a better smell!
    Snow, who knows what’s underneath?
    Sand, awesome shells, driftwood in beautiful shapes and various other interesting finds.
    I could go on but I think the winner is…
    The mummigrants who go see, do and embrace regardless!! Don’t be blue, you KNOW what you’ve left behind, now go see what there is in front. Xxx

    • Thanks Bethan, that is written so beautifully and is truly heartfelt and I love what you’ve said at the end, reminds me of a quote “don’t look back, you’re not going that way”. Enjoy the snow while it lasts, build a snowman for me!! x Thanks again

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  5. Mmmmmm I like to think we all think the grass is always greener!!!! I love both equally and wish I was on that beach all hot and sweaty….. But then look at the joy and beauty of the snow and wish I was throwing snowballs. So look at what you have and smile xxxxxxx

  6. Sand gets everywhere, but hiding beneath snow is ice, just waiting to make you fall, hard.

    I’m sitting here looking at the snow, dreaming about the sandy beaches of home.

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