which would you choose?

Thanks for all the lovely comments both here and on facebook in response to my post snow versus sand yesterday.

To carry on the theme, I’m just wondering if you had to make a snap decision which you would choose out of snow and sand. Please leave a comment as to why if you like.

I would choose snow but I’m guessing I’m heavily influenced by the scorching heat here and the fact that I have just spent half an hour vacuuming sand out of the car!!

mummi h

4 thoughts on “which would you choose?

  1. Sand, sand, sand. I hate shovelling snow (which I have had to do in the past numerous times, because sods law hubby usually traveling), also dislike having to put on multiple layers of clothes to go out in it. Think it stems from when the kids were little, they would go out, get cold and soaked, come back in, get dry, go back out – each time having to put snow gear on and off, on and off. So time consuming! Plus the dryer would be going all the time lol!

    Give me sand every time, even sand in your sarnies on the beach is better than dealing with snow. Thank goodness, no snow here in Singapore. 🙂

    • I know what you mean about changing clothes umpteen times when the kids play in the snow! My eldest would wear long johns, 2 pairs of trousers and three pairs of socks and still be soaking wet! Although now he complains about having sandy hands and feet after a day at the beach, just can’t win eh!!

  2. Sand, but I’m guessing I’m heavily influenced by the minus 12 temperatures here and the fact that I have just spent an hour shovelling snow off the driveway!! Sometimes I just crave a bit of warmth…

    Ask me later when the sun is shining and we can go skiing and sledging and walking, and the answer will no doubt be snow!

    I know how you feel about homesickness – at least we’re only a short hop away from the UK. Hope it eases soon

    • Hi alpine mummy it look beautiful where you are!! I think the idea of the snow is perhaps better than the real thing, the bit afterwards (grey slush) isn’t as pretty somehow!

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