For the second year in a row….

 Australia Day in southeast Queensland was a total washout!

After the really hot spell of recent times and feeling envious of all the snow back in the UK we are now under threat of tornadoes and serious flooding from ex tropical cyclone Oswald.

We haven’t had it quite as bad YET! as Gladstone to the north of us where over a metre of rain has fallen in the past few days and five tornadoes hit the region causing widespread damage to properties….the pictures on the news look awful.

Social media is now a very powerful tool in raising awareness of the dangers of our extreme weather systems. We are grateful to the likes of Higgins Storm Chasing and Gold Coast Weather and News Together. Between them they keep the people of Queensland up to date and informed of the dangers of impending storms, falling power lines and rising storm waters. However, their news feed can keep you awake at night (slightly obsessed!)…..with warnings of stay inside and keep away from windows!!!

As we write this there are reports of a tornado hitting at Bribie Island which is just 130 km (85 miles) away from us.

So far here it is just wet, very wet, no damaging winds or tornadoes to speak of yet, but the system is slow-moving so we’ve got the next 24 hours to sit it out and see what develops. Perhaps we should fill the hours catching up on blog posts! however, we both normally lose our internet connection during these extreme conditions so maybe we will be better spending our time collecting pairs of animals and building an ark!
All part of the fun of living in this great land of extremes, the weather certainly keeps us on our toes!

So heeding those warnings we are off out to take some photographs!!! 😉

Stay safe!

Gold Coast stormy sea

Photo credited to Joel Scott Chanel Nine News via Gold Coast Weather and News Together


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