I want another baby…….

oh yes I do!

“oh no you don’t”

oh yes indeed I do!

Another little Aussie amongst a family of Brits down under.

A little fella called Andrew who is cute as a button.

His bed is waiting along with a collar and lead!

Oh! come on you didn’t really think I wanted another ‘baby’?!….a real baby?

I want another puppy dog…..that’s rude….I would like another puppy dog….please.

A puppy dog, a companion, a loyal friend and a little baby brother for our other little Aussie dog Pixie.

We gave Pixie a home 6 months after we began our new life in Australia. She was a great addition to this expat family and helped us establish our roots here. Andrew is currently looking for a home and at present he is at the local Animal Welfare League shelter.

Oh! how I would love to give him home here with us. He is such a cutie though I fear somebody may beat us to him!



Pixie Pom Pom


Did your pets emigrate with you? or did you acquire a new pet after you had emigrated?

We unfortunately had to leave our cat with friends in England. The poor puss used to suffer with claustrophobia, he didn’t even like to be in a room with a closed door so we couldn’t put him through the trauma of a long journey in a confined space. Bless him! He actually died not so long ago and that was really sad……..my young son and I had a little cry the day we heard.

mummi g x


4 thoughts on “I want another baby…….

  1. Hahaha! You had me fooled for a minute. He is very cute 🙂
    We bought out two little tortoises to Canada with us, It was an extremely complicated process but I’m glad we did it. When the kids had to leave their family, friends and everything else that was familiar leaving their pets behind was not an option.

      • That’s not daft! We don’t hibernate them as they are too small and because they are kept indoors their temperature is kept constant so they wouldn’t naturally hibernate, they do react to the shorter days though and are generally more sleepy in the winter, but then again aren’t we all?

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