well that was an easy birth!

To follow on from Friday’s post, the baby Andrew arrived fit and healthy after a dash by my other half and big son to the local Animal Welfare League first thing Friday morning!

There had been a lot of interest in this little fella as you can see on his Facebook page, so the boys got there bright and early; so bright and early they in fact arrived an hour before it opened…but that was a mistake!

They took our other dog, Pixie Pom Pom, also a rescue dog from the same shelter, along for the ride. Poor thing, Pixie must have been scared to death and thought she was being taken back for good!

Anyway, Andrew was introduced to them all and I’m not sure if it was love at first sight but money soon exchanged hands and he was ours…..now why can’t all births be that painless?

So just over an hour after he first was introduced to the boys, Andrew was settled in his new home. No problems to report except that the name Andrew was just not floating our boat, so after much deliberation Andrew is now known as Barry as in White and in honour of the pusscat we had to leave behind when we emigrated two and a half years ago.

Barry is very sweet and has a cheeky face, he’s a little bit clumsy and a little bit licky and I think he likes us?!! Well he’s not asked to be taken back yet anyway!

So welcome to Barry our second Aussie dog!

We love you lots!


mummi g x


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