Snow, storms and the power of mother nature!!

While the folks in the UK shiver under another thick blanket of snow (isn’t it spring there now?!?) here in SE Qld last night we witnessed the most amazing lightning storm I have ever in my 36 and a bit years seen! I managed to capture some cracking (excuse the pun!) images (on my iPhone!) I guess I was pointing the camera in the right bit of the sky at the right time, luckily!

Lightning storm in SE Qld

Lightning storm in SE Qld taken by me on my iPhone outside my house!

Apparently we are in for more storms tonight and I’m actually getting pretty excited to see what show mother nature can put on again.

Powerful storms aside, it has been so busy here lately, my hubby and I are two months in to the new business we have set up, all going well but very time-consuming. We had a real scare with my eldest being admitted to hospital with suspected meningitis, he’s just gone back to school today after two weeks recuperating at home from what turned out to be a very nasty virus. My daughter is setting up what feels like a zoo in her bedroom, stick insects, lizards, skinks, geckos and crickets so far and she announced yesterday she wants a rabbit – errr I don’t think so!! At least at the moment with this she is at ground level and not scaring the pants off me by climbing the huge trees in our back yard though. My three-year old is, well, doing what three-year olds do, he is full on from the moment he wakes up and has to run everywhere, my kids are certainly keeping me on my toes at the moment.

Mummi g and I are also working hard to get the new look mummigrants site ready to launch, it’s all looking brilliant so far but is taking a long time to get right, we do promise it will be worth the wait!

Enjoy whatever the weather is doing wherever you are!!

mummi h xx

Intense lightning storm

 Black skies and flashes of light

Amazing light show


4 thoughts on “Snow, storms and the power of mother nature!!

  1. I meant to comment weeks ago to say how completely awesome these photos are. I hope you girls are Ok and are getting the new site up and running soon, the blogosphere misses you x 😀

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