Reaching your destination…

…is a time for celebration!

I was just paying a visit to the little girls room when the phone rang. “MUM! It’s your lawyer!!” shouted my youngest son. “Crikey” I thought, I had better get my finger out as I subconsciously totalled up how many dollars this slight delay in reaching the phone might cost me. I ran to the phone as quick as I could, avoiding school bags and piles of ironing only to be greeted by the dulcet tones of our lawyer or solicitor as we called them in England. I must admit lawyer sounds much more fun though, conjuring up images straight from an American crime series. Our LAWYER proceeded to announce that my other half and I were now ‘the proud owners’ of our own little piece of Australia…OH YES! C’MON! I could have kissed that guy right there and then ‘the proud owners’ he said and we certainly are…today is a good day in our expat lives we have purchased a building plot!

Now, you may remember a while back I wrote of our search for a house to buy HERE. Well, that episode went belly up purely because I didn’t want the neighbour’s swimming pool right next to my bedroom window. So our next encounter with buying property came last Christmas and that went belly up too! A cracked slab put us off that one. The new year came and our search continued and continued and continued….and we became so disheartened looking for our dream home that we gave up looking. Then one wet weekend we ended up looking at some new housing developments and their show-homes, oh my goodness we were smitten! The penny dropped and we realised this was what we wanted to do….build our own home we couldn’t believe we had not thought of this option before!

The following weekend quite by chance we found a beautiful spot in the Gold Coast hinterland, and quite by coincidence mummi h did too, on exactly the same day at literally the same time. This was so spooky because unbeknown to each other we had both been out for a drive with our families on that beautiful late summer’s afternoon and had come across the same development. So the very next day when we met up we instantly began to discuss this awesome place we had found nestled at the foot of Mount Tamborine. I couldn’t believe we had both shared the same experience so I took this coincidence as a ‘sign’… a sign that it was a very special place and somewhere that myself and the boys could certainly put our mark on in this wonderful country. And wonderful country it is even though at times I have hated it and everything about it and as you know I have experienced terrible homesickness, which thankfully now becomes less frequent and for much shorter periods; so to reach this stage in our emigration journey is a wonderful feeling and with it comes a sense of belonging and achievement that we have finally arrived at our destination!…and own a piece of grass! 😉SOLD!

mummi g x


5 thoughts on “Reaching your destination…

  1. Yeh bring it on – today Austrailia has won the lottery having you build your own house you will do an amazing job xx

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