We are



and we both originate from the same village in England but didn’t meet each other until we had moved to the other side of the world, Australia.

This is our honest look at being a mum and a migrant, the whole kit and kaboodle of upping sticks and starting again!

We aren’t here to offer advice but please ask if you feel there is anything we maybe able to help you with.

We have endured the rollercoaster that is emigration and would love to connect with fellow mummigrants around the world who have taken that journey too!

We aim to keep smiling and focus on positive experiences, steering away from the doom and gloom all too often associated with uprooting and moving to pastures new.

We wish you well wherever you are in the world!


mummigrant [mum- i – gruhnt]

noun – a mummy who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence

mummigration (mum-mi-gra-shun)

verb – movement of a mummy from a country or locality (especially her place of birth) in order to settle in another

Please note: opinions and thoughts are our own, excluding guest content – ©2012-2013 mummigrants


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