mummi g

Hi there! I’m a frizzy haired, glass half full 40 something with a passion for all things vintage. Originally from Derbyshire, UK, I now live on the glorious Gold Coast, Australia with my other half, our two sons and our scruffy little dog Pixie Pom Pom!

I spend my days cleaning and cooking…not!! Instead I can usually be found creating textiley things, collecting anything or researching my ancestors.

I drink tea and love vegemite and marmite!!! but I can’t stand celery or apples!

I love nothing more than spending time with close family and friends, chilling, relaxing and putting the world to right. My party piece is to say the alphabet backwards…very quickly!

I always try to see both sides of the story; make the best of a bad situation and love nothing more than creating something from nothing.

So… did I end up becoming a mummigrant?

Well, my journey to Australia began in January 2008.

Inspired by the BBC programme ‘Wanted Down Under’, I had hung onto every word that Nadia Sawalha said so imagine my shock when I realised my other half had too.

 It was like a light bulb moment, we met in the kitchen one day and Nadia popped up in conversation and before we knew it we had booked four flights to New Zealand for a three-week recci!

 On our return to England endless folk were saying to us ‘If I was your age!’ – ‘GO FOR IT!’ – ‘DO IT!’ So we did! But not to New Zealand!! It had been on that return journey that the penny had finally dropped! It was Australia where we needed to be, so as soon as we were home we set the ball rolling with our visa application.

 We didn’t have the funds available to carry out a second recci so we ended up moving lock, stock and barrel to Australia without ever having previously set foot there.Any regrets?! None that I can think of!

 We’ve been here for just over two years now and I’m pleased to say it feels like home!

Be happy, love what you do!


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