Everyone smiles in the same language!


The weekend’s nearly here!

Have a good one!



I want another baby…….

oh yes I do!

“oh no you don’t”

oh yes indeed I do!

Another little Aussie amongst a family of Brits down under.

A little fella called Andrew who is cute as a button.

His bed is waiting along with a collar and lead!

Oh! come on you didn’t really think I wanted another ‘baby’?!….a real baby?

I want another puppy dog…..that’s rude….I would like another puppy dog….please.

A puppy dog, a companion, a loyal friend and a little baby brother for our other little Aussie dog Pixie.

We gave Pixie a home 6 months after we began our new life in Australia. She was a great addition to this expat family and helped us establish our roots here. Andrew is currently looking for a home and at present he is at the local Animal Welfare League shelter.

Oh! how I would love to give him home here with us. He is such a cutie though I fear somebody may beat us to him!



Pixie Pom Pom


Did your pets emigrate with you? or did you acquire a new pet after you had emigrated?

We unfortunately had to leave our cat with friends in England. The poor puss used to suffer with claustrophobia, he didn’t even like to be in a room with a closed door so we couldn’t put him through the trauma of a long journey in a confined space. Bless him! He actually died not so long ago and that was really sad……..my young son and I had a little cry the day we heard.

mummi g x

For the second year in a row….

 Australia Day in southeast Queensland was a total washout!

After the really hot spell of recent times and feeling envious of all the snow back in the UK we are now under threat of tornadoes and serious flooding from ex tropical cyclone Oswald.

We haven’t had it quite as bad YET! as Gladstone to the north of us where over a metre of rain has fallen in the past few days and five tornadoes hit the region causing widespread damage to properties….the pictures on the news look awful.

Social media is now a very powerful tool in raising awareness of the dangers of our extreme weather systems. We are grateful to the likes of Higgins Storm Chasing and Gold Coast Weather and News Together. Between them they keep the people of Queensland up to date and informed of the dangers of impending storms, falling power lines and rising storm waters. However, their news feed can keep you awake at night (slightly obsessed!)…..with warnings of stay inside and keep away from windows!!!

As we write this there are reports of a tornado hitting at Bribie Island which is just 130 km (85 miles) away from us.

So far here it is just wet, very wet, no damaging winds or tornadoes to speak of yet, but the system is slow-moving so we’ve got the next 24 hours to sit it out and see what develops. Perhaps we should fill the hours catching up on blog posts! however, we both normally lose our internet connection during these extreme conditions so maybe we will be better spending our time collecting pairs of animals and building an ark!
All part of the fun of living in this great land of extremes, the weather certainly keeps us on our toes!

So heeding those warnings we are off out to take some photographs!!! 😉

Stay safe!

Gold Coast stormy sea

Photo credited to Joel Scott Chanel Nine News via Gold Coast Weather and News Together

The love affair….

is over!

So that’s it!

No going back.

We have to stick by our decision.

Time to move on!

It’s going to be difficult, but it’s for the best!

It’s caused too many discussions.
Too many arguments.
Too many tears.

There are kids involved too!

We need to end this now!

So the decision is made.

Our house back ‘home’ is finally going to be sold.

So the love affair is over…….almost!

Scottish Castle

An English woman’s home is her castle.

Mine was the love of my life!

Purely for illustration purposes only! 🙂

mummi g x

now be honest!

Earlier this week I wrote about my first experience of homesickness in the post, Did someone say homesick?

Writing about it lead me to wonder how many expats actually experience it?

and out of the expats who say, “homesickness what’s that?…never had it!”

I wonder hand on heart if they can truly say that?

mummi g xEmotions

note to self…..

Note to self as follows…..

1.Do not let 8 year old daughter install horse apps to own ipad

2.Do not then allow 3 year old son to play on said ipad unsupervised

3.Do not then go out for three hours

You will come back to find….

1.Your facebook page full of status updates and pictures of “my horse Rob” asking your audience what they think of his new look

2.Your twitter feed equally full of the same horsey pictures

I think I managed to delete all the posts before mummi g saw them! Phew!

ooops….lesson learnt!

Did someone say homesick?

EmotionsThe word homesick is being bandied around a lot at the moment and both mummi h and myself have experienced it recently!

For me the first bout of homesickness was truly debilitating. I couldn’t eat or sleep and I didn’t even want to leave the house. When I did leave the house, usually just to go to the shops, I found I didn’t want to or couldn’t even talk to staff at the shops. I froze with a fear that they would realise I was from another country when all I wanted to do was blend in and become a ‘local’.

I must have looked so miserable standing at the checkout just nodding to the endless chitchat! Australian service workers are amongst the friendliest I have ever come across but, “how’s your day?” and “how’s it goin’?” were the last things I wanted to hear!!

I just wanted to shout, “actually it’s **** I feel like I am about to burst into tears so please leave me alone!”

That first bout of homesickness hit me after three months. The holiday feeling had worn off, those damn first falls of snow back ‘home’ were plastered all over Facebook, it had rained solidly for two months and on top of all that it was Christmas! Do you ever want to crawl under a stone?
I spent Boxing Day that year pricing flights back home!

Luckily we had a few get togethers arranged over the holidays with fellow expats and this was my saving grace! It gave me time to reassess my situation and chatting to others in similar situations helped enormously.

Then in the new year January 2011, Brisbane was swamped by catastrophic floods. Many homes, possessions and sadly lives were lost to cruelty of Mother Nature. After the floods came the enormous clean up operation. When the call for volunteers was put out we didn’t have to think twice about volunteering, no question about it, we as a family were going to get involved! These people were our ‘neighbours’ we could not have sat back and done nothing.

The story of that day is a blog in itself so I will come back to that another time and will get straight to the point!

And the point is, that clean up operation for me was a turning point! As we stood in a queue waiting for buses to take us to the devastated areas I was surrounded by local people, chatting amongst themselves, to my son, my other half and me! And that’s when it hit me, they didn’t care about my ‘ foreign’ accent
to them I was just another volunteer and that was all I wanted to be……to just blend in! and since that day things became easier. The homesickness still rears its ugly head occasionally but each time it becomes a little easier to bear.

mummi g x

which would you choose?

Thanks for all the lovely comments both here and on facebook in response to my post snow versus sand yesterday.

To carry on the theme, I’m just wondering if you had to make a snap decision which you would choose out of snow and sand. Please leave a comment as to why if you like.

I would choose snow but I’m guessing I’m heavily influenced by the scorching heat here and the fact that I have just spent half an hour vacuuming sand out of the car!!

mummi h

snow versus sand

Much like mummi g last week, this morning I woke up this morning feeling terribly homesick.

One definite culprit was the awesome snowy scenes plastered all over my Facebook feed this morning by my friends back home.

The other was the invitation to my big sisters 40th party. I know for a fact that unless we have a big win on the lotto in the next few weeks it’s going to be yet another milestone and family event that I’m not going to be part of.

Feeling a bit sorry for myself and not wanting to spend the day moping about hubby and I decided on a trip “up north”. We packed the swimmers and some lunch and jumped in the car and drove two hours to Noosa, one of the most beautiful parts of Southeast Queensland I’ve yet been to. The kids and their Dad swam in the sheltered calm waters of the bay and I sat relaxing in 32 degree heat on the beach. It was great to take a bit of time out to think and remember why I’ve gone through all this and moved away from my friends and family.

I still miss home like crazy and am hoping that these bouts of homesickness get less severe as time goes on. Having said that at least as I sit here writing this I feel about a hundred times better than I did this morning. (thank goodness!)

Of the pictures below one was taken by my best friend in England a couple of days ago and one by me today.

Snow versus sand – the jury is still out!!

For those in the snow, have fun building your snowmen!!

my best friend's picture of the woods at home

my best friend’s picture of the woods at home

Noosa beach today

Noosa beach today

 mummy h x

not always a bed of roses…..

At mummigrants we are always looking for fellow expat mums to share with us their stories and experiences (good and bad) about making the big move away from “home” and starting again somewhere new.

Today we have a guest post from fellow mummigrant Katy who has moved from Scotland to Queensland in Australia.

I emigrated to Australia just over two years ago with my partner and our two year old son. In Scotland he ran his own successful business in the service industry and selling this and our house financed the move over. It hasn’t however been the bed of roses that some might imagine. We assumed that it would be simple to just set up and start again in the same industry as before. Not the case unfortunately. You wouldn’t believe the amount of hoops we have had to jump through just to get a licence for my partner to carry out the work he has always done. The time and cost involved in getting recognition of prior learning (RPL) and the TAFE course so that he has the “certificate” that states he is “competent” to run a business is ridiculous. Now that he has it there is also a cost of maintaining the licence too!

It doesn’t seem to matter that this is what he has always done and that in running a successful business (he must have been doing something right) he has been able to provide us with a decent steady income over the years! Some might say it was a pretty good way of the government here making some extra money?!

Anyway, here we are, finally licensed with some good clients on the books and a business that is starting to grow. It has taken what seems like forever and it certainly hasn’t been a bed of roses getting to this point. I have had many doubts since we left and have often wondered if it was worth the upset and upheaval in the first place. I think that its been worth the stress and heartache along the way although on my homesick days I’m still not so sure.

For me the dream of a new life down under is finally coming to fruition but its been difficult and even a nightmare at times!!

I wonder how many mums who have moved abroad have shared the same experience as me??

Thankyou Katy for your story.

Maybe you or someone you know has something to share about a mummigrant experience? If so we would love to hear from you, please contact us at mummigrants@gmail.com.