which would you choose?

Thanks for all the lovely comments both here and on facebook in response to my post snow versus sand yesterday. To carry on the theme, I’m just wondering if you had to make a snap decision which you would choose out of snow and sand. Please leave a comment as to why if you like. I would choose snow […]

snow versus sand

Much like mummi g last week, this morning I woke up this morning feeling terribly homesick. One definite culprit was the awesome snowy scenes plastered all over my Facebook feed this morning by my friends back home. The other was the invitation to my big sisters 40th party. I know for a fact that unless […]

lovely day of nothingness….

Hooray!! It’s raining! How excited am I?!! It’s 5am and the rain is hammering down on the tin roof of the covered decking area. A comforting sound reminiscent of family caravan holidays to Skegness. So it’s 5am and I’m thinking….dog walk….in the rain!  What a refreshing thought! After months of sunshine our grass is parched […]