It was nice, different, but nice …..

Well then, that’s Christmas day done. Tick. It was nice, different, but nice. This is our second Christmas in Australia and already I feel that some new traditions are starting to be formed. I think we’ve probably totally baffled the kids as to what Santa actually brings to children though.When I was a kid we […]

Season’s greetings!

Wishing all of our followers a safe and happy Christmas wherever you are in the world. Please share our good wishes with all your fellow mummigrants. With love xxx Our fabulous Christmas card was created on one of our favourite iPhone apps by Cartolina

Have a very merry expat Christmas!

mummi h and mummi g would like to wish all fellow mummigrants and their families a very merry Christmas wherever you are in this great big world xxx Our final blog before Christmas is a guest blog from our friends at The Expat Hub Have a very Merry Expat Christmas For many expats that occasional […]

what am I looking forward to this holiday season….

the Christmas blitz of course!! A favourite Christmas tradition in our house is the ‘Christmas blitz!’ This is carried out as close to Christmas Eve as possible on a day when we are all at home together. It is carried out with military precision to the tune of Johnny Mathis’ We Need a Little Christmas! […]

lovely day of nothingness….

Hooray!! It’s raining! How excited am I?!! It’s 5am and the rain is hammering down on the tin roof of the covered decking area. A comforting sound reminiscent of family caravan holidays to Skegness. So it’s 5am and I’m thinking….dog walk….in the rain!  What a refreshing thought! After months of sunshine our grass is parched […]