not always a bed of roses…..

At mummigrants we are always looking for fellow expat mums to share with us their stories and experiences (good and bad) about making the big move away from “home” and starting again somewhere new. Today we have a guest post from fellow mummigrant Katy who has moved from Scotland to Queensland in Australia. I emigrated […]

a momentous occasion…..

occurred today…..our big son left school for the second time! At 18 years of age he has just graduated from his Australian high school. Just over two and a half years ago he completed his education at an English high school. He was 16 years old and at a turbulent time of life when we […]

to buy or not to buy…..

…..that is the question! Now please tell me the answer!! As home owners in our native England we assumed we would emigrate to Australia and buy our own house again. Well two years down the line we still haven’t bought one. 2 years ❤ We have been having too much fun exploring our new country […]