Today we hear from a new mummigrant who recently moved

from England to Australia, Phillida Barden.

Phillida is an ice skating coach in Brisbane…a dream job in Queensland’s tropical climate!

My parents were two of the original £10 poms back in 1959 when they brought my brother and I to live in New South Wales, Australia.  Now I ask you where could you get a cruise for that price today?  I think we were the lucky ones.  I remember I used to get ‘ants in my pants’ from sitting on the pavement and my mum couldn’t get me to understand it was best not to sit there. We only stayed 2 years because mum never settled so we all had to go back again.

In 1979 I came back, this time to live, work and play in Sydney.  It was an experience of a lifetime of which I savoured every single moment… pool parties, beach parties, this party, that party, you name it we had it, any excuse for a party! … but yet again I went back with every intention of returning but it never happened  and it took me all of 32 years, one marriage, two kids and a divorce to finally return for the 3rd time…. and as the saying goes, 3rd time lucky, hopefully!

Apparently I am an inspiration for the middle-aged woman, not quite sure whether to take that as a compliment or not, also I’ve been told how brave I am traveling across the world at my age.  Age? Now that’s just a number isn’t it? I mean does it really matter how old you are?

If I wanted to climb Mount Everest I would do it.

If I wanted to sail up the Amazon I would do it.

But all I have ever wanted to do for the last 32 years is come back to Australia!


I’m lucky because I work in ‘a fridge’ hehe, actually  an ice rink, the perfect place to cool off, beats an office any day… my only problem  is when I come out of  ‘the fridge’ my glasses steam up and I can’t see where I’m going!  I’m guessing that one day I could end up trying to take somebody else’s car by mistake!

Working on the ice kind of makes you feel a little bit Christmassy which is more than I can say about the bank! You could be excused for being a little confused on a trip to the bank in December where you are greeted by Christmas decorations, beach balls and thongs hanging from the ceiling!  Or listening to the brass band belting out Christmas carols whilst you’re Christmas shopping in shorts and T-shirt! I suppose it’s times like that when you kind of feel a little homesick for the motherland, but I have to say I don’t miss the white stuff at all! Got my tree up in November, lights on the house, Barbie at the ready…..LIFE IS GOOD!!


Merry Christmas from Phillida in Brisbane


5 thoughts on “Phillida’sTale

    • Thank you cuz! Your so right , life is short and we all need to follow our dreams whenever we can…a very Happy Christmas to you too x

  1. Hi Phillida, I have known you for over thirty years and in that time I’ve seen how hard you work,and how dedicated you are not just as a skating coach, of which you are top draw you are always there ready to help others. You really are a role modal. charles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Very kind words Charles, 30 years! Where does time go…hopefully I will see you out here too in the not too distant future, take care and Happy Christmas x

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