The love affair….

is over! So that’s it! No going back. We have to stick by our decision. Time to move on! It’s going to be difficult, but it’s for the best! It’s caused too many discussions. Too many arguments. Too many tears. There are kids involved too! We need to end this now! So the decision is […]

can it really be….

…our third Christmas in Australia?!! It doesn’t seem that long ago we were gearing up for our first Christmas here. I’ll never forget it!! It was a wet Christmas that year, a very wet Christmas. Endless days of wetness! The days were dark and gloomy but at least the fairy lights were sparkly! Not like […]

i gave a letter to the postman…..

I remember a day I was sooooooo sad and lonely. The sun was shining, I was sitting dipping my toes in the pool and everything should have felt like bliss! But it didn’t!! Homesickness had kicked me right where it hurts!  …….in my heart. Desperately I took myself off to the cool climate of the […]