Reaching your destination…

…is a time for celebration! I was just paying a visit to the little girls room when the phone rang. “MUM! It’s your lawyer!!” shouted my youngest son. “Crikey” I thought, I had better get my finger out as I subconsciously totalled up how many dollars this slight delay in reaching the phone might cost […]

Hey expat mums!….who remembers scenes like these?

Goodtimes or Badtimes? For me defo Goodtimes! I love nothing more than a good clear out. I can’t believe this was almost three years ago and I am so in need of a good clear out again, where does all this junk come from? I am sat here on the computer surrounded by ‘stuff’. Stuff […]

Decisions Decisions

As migrant mums we’ve all had our fair share of decisions to make and the influences surrounding those decisions come from many people, places and events. Personally my family’s decision came quite easy, we watched a TV programme on the subject of emigrating to Australia and the decision was made. Today we have a guest […]

which would you choose?

Thanks for all the lovely comments both here and on facebook in response to my post snow versus sand yesterday. To carry on the theme, I’m just wondering if you had to make a snap decision which you would choose out of snow and sand. Please leave a comment as to why if you like. I would choose snow […]

Today I woke up with an urge….

STEADY NOW… urge to spring clean the kitchen! Whoa! But wait a minute I hate cleaning! Don’t get me wrong I’m not dirty and neither is my house thank you very much! But cleaning gets me down; it’s not creative enough to keep me interested. However, today was different and while I struggled to clean […]

It was nice, different, but nice …..

Well then, that’s Christmas day done. Tick. It was nice, different, but nice. This is our second Christmas in Australia and already I feel that some new traditions are starting to be formed. I think we’ve probably totally baffled the kids as to what Santa actually brings to children though.When I was a kid we […]

Season’s greetings!

Wishing all of our followers a safe and happy Christmas wherever you are in the world. Please share our good wishes with all your fellow mummigrants. With love xxx Our fabulous Christmas card was created on one of our favourite iPhone apps by Cartolina

a momentous occasion…..

occurred today…..our big son left school for the second time! At 18 years of age he has just graduated from his Australian high school. Just over two and a half years ago he completed his education at an English high school. He was 16 years old and at a turbulent time of life when we […]

being part of something big …..

This week here on the east coast of Australia we were lucky enough to witness the spectacular solar eclipse. On the Gold Coast we experienced an 82% covering but further north the eclipse was total. As it happened, the light outside changed to an eerie pinkish hue and although some birds were still singing they […]