The love affair….

is over! So that’s it! No going back. We have to stick by our decision. Time to move on! It’s going to be difficult, but it’s for the best! It’s caused too many discussions. Too many arguments. Too many tears. There are kids involved too! We need to end this now! So the decision is […]

to buy or not to buy…..

…..that is the question! Now please tell me the answer!! As home owners in our native England we assumed we would emigrate to Australia and buy our own house again. Well two years down the line we still haven’t bought one. 2 years ❤ We have been having too much fun exploring our new country […]

nothing to fear except fear itself…..

You know, when you up sticks and move to a new country everything is new. Everything is different. Your senses are heightened – things seem bigger, faster and more in your face than before. The language that people are speaking may be the same but for a few weeks you feel like you’ve landed on […]